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EDUCATION PROFESSIONALS: Has burnout knocked you out?  Is your resilience sluggish? Do you feel frustrated, overwhelmed, exhausted or depressed? This, and more, is due to high levels of the stress hormone CORTISOL. TOO MUCH CORTISOL IS THE #1 REASON EDUCATORS, COUNSELORS & ADMINS BURNOUT!


Can you imagine Classrooms/Schools where Educators, Counselors  and Students handle stress efficiently, laugh & smile often, are filled with enthusiasm for teaching/learning and really like coming to school every day? All this IS possible!!! THE KEY IS LAUGHTER YOGA!!!

THE END RESULTS are Life Changing:
- Joyous and Stress-Free Classrooms
- Improved Student Academic & Personal Achievements
- Happier Educators, Counselors, Administrators, Students and Families

LAUGHTER YOGA: The Ultimate Super Power
for Educators, Counselors, and Administrators


Laughter Yoga is a single exercise routine that reduces physical, mental and emotional stress simultaneously.


It combines Laughter with Yoga Breathing to quickly stop cortisol and release happiness hormones into the body, opening the door for functioning in the Parasympathetic Nervous System. All this happens within the first 3-5 minutes of your Laughter!


Imagine living life without



Laughter Yoga is the key.

Janet’s three course program is experiential and powerful. She teaches the impressive Science, Research, and Healing of Laughter Yoga, the physiology of stress and its catastrophic effects on the body (esp women!), as well as how to laugh yourself into Health, Happiness and Healing! Done regularly (10 minutes each morning as a group before the school day begins), Laughter Yoga is both a SOLUTION and a PREVENTION to address almost all personal and classroom challenges, including PTSD, Anxiety and Stress!


Laughter Yoga can help handle many Mental, Physical and Emotional Health problems: Burnout, Anger, ADD, ADHD, Hyperactivity, Dyslexia, Pain Relief, Depression, Bullying and much more!

Each course is presented in one 6-hour day or can be modified according to your time schedule.

Course 1: Building the Foundation

Module 1: "The Age of Anxiety," "The Age of Covid," and "The Age of the Heart"

Module 2: Laughter Yoga as a Global Phenomenon

Module 3: Vibrating the Vagus Nerve

Module 4: Integrating Your Sound and Breath

Module 5: Role Playing

Module 6: Laughter Yoga exercises in small groups

Courses 2 & 3: Coming Soon!

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