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Noemi Peterson, MSN, MPH, RN
Community / Public Health Clinical Nursing Instructor
UT Health Houston School of Nursing 

"Janet Carroll presented her wonderful Laughter class to my nursing students recently, and what a gift that was! 

Her long history as a professional nurse has afforded her great understanding and compassion for nurses and the challenges that we encounter when helping others.  Janet’s message on the physiology and effects of stress in our lives, and how to positively deal with it, is like a cool drink of water on a hot day.  She does this in such a professional, enjoyable and entertaining manner. 

My students and I loved her!  We readily incorporated Janet’s teachings of breathing, laughing, and Yay, lightening up our lives.  Soon after her teachings, the students  reported using the techniques and seeing positive results in their test grades, sleep patterns and general feelings of wellbeing.  I am most grateful and fully recommend her services.  She is a great motivating resource.  

Very Good, Very Good, Yay, Janet !!"

Tana Healy, MBA, RN, CCM, IQCI
Director of Case Management
West Houston Medical Center

"During Janet's Laughter Yoga Session with my Staff, I noticed my team bonding at a new level.  They were able to relax and let go, have eye contact with each other and laugh together in a more cohesive way.  


After the session, their stress was gone and we were all still laughing and enjoying each others' company.  It was great!  To this day, my staff still frequently uses one of Janet's Laughter exercises 'Very good, very good, yaay!' to express their joy.  

I am a leader and I want my team to function as a family.  Laughter Yoga has allowed my team to work better together."

Lt. Col. (Ret) Eugene A. Vecera  M.Ed., BSN, RN, BA, CHt
Houston, Texas, USA
VN Instructor–NW Campus

"Truly, Ms. Janet Carroll, RN is a 'Barn Burner' of a Speaker!

Her presentation on laughter as a therapy for depression and for improving an individual's expression of the desire to succeed is unequaled. She truly stands to the far right edge of the bell curve in her demonstrated excellence.


Our students at College of the Health Professions in Houston were enchanted by her energetic oratory and her electric power points. She is the most accomplished nurse for providing patient teaching, or student teaching or teaching to any audience because she has a mastery of the material and of herself.

I highly recommend her for any group needing an unique and knowledgeable speaker on her timely topic of laughter as a remedy for life's ills."

Sarah Classen, Project Director 
Foster Grandparent Program of Harris County 
Evelyn Rubenstein Jewish Community Center of Houston

"Janet Carroll was one of our guest presenters, and she wooed the whole crowd; every volunteer including staff was absolutely impressed. All volunteers were engaged while she was presenting and were truly interested in the laughter yoga demonstration and related benefits.


Given that laughter yoga is foreign to the general public, Janet did a wonderful job at breaking down what exactly laughter yoga is and how you can incorporate it in your everyday life. Most importantly, she executed this with a sense of humor and empathy. She spoke to the group of 68 senior volunteers as if she was speaking on an individual level, and everyone left the in-service feeling empowered and happy.

When Janet was preparing for the in-service, she asked specific questions about the Foster Grandparents and volunteer activities in order to customize the presentation to effectively inform them and address their needs. 

With confidence and guarantee, I recommend Janet Carroll as an expert and engaging presenter." 

Lt. Col. (Ret) Eugene A. Vecera  M.Ed., BSN, RN, BA, CHt
Houston, Texas, USA
VN Instructor–NW Campus

"I and my faculty and students are still Laughing with Joy!

Ms. Carroll, RN, BSN, LMT, is a Nurse's-Nurse who stands to the far right edge of the bell curve in service in our profession and our community. Her presentation on the physical, emotional, and hormonal aspects of stress reduction are textbook truism; but the manner in which she weaves these facts to lay the foundation for her pitch to use 'laughter' is unique and most convincing.  It then naturally leads one to accept her main premise that cognitive behavioral change can change biochemical realities in our bodies.


If that excellent teaching were not enough; she further weaves in personal stories and her own life experiences to flesh-out the theory she is teaching. Then, like a thunderbolt, she drives into the mechanics of 'Laughter Work' and brings along the entire audience to a crescendo of joy and happiness. We all "Loved" it

I cannot more highly recommend Ms. Carroll, RN for any healthcare, educational, business, or industrial group seeking to improve its members' appreciation of themselves and their relationship.

She is a maven of joy!"

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